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Rolhard Inc is the premier truncated dome specialist in Pasadena, CA. We not only sell and service truncated domes, but we install them for you as well. With our comprehensive truncated dome installation service, we will install your truncated domes in no time.

We provide truncated dome installation for a variety of truncated dome products and styles:

• Blister Tactile—Blister tactile truncated domes are used primarily for pedestrian crossing points where the curb has been dropped to provide access for wheelchair users, making it hard for visually impaired pedestrians to differentiate between the sidewalk and roadway.

• Offset Blister Tactile—Similar to blister tactile truncated domes, offset blister tactile truncated domes are used to warn visually impaired pedestrians that they are approaching the edge of an off-street railway platform.

• Lozenge Tactile—Lozenge tactile truncated domes are lozenge-shaped domes used to indicate the edge of an on-street railway platform, such as an LRT or streetcar platform.

• Corduroy Hazard Warning Tactile—Corduroy hazard warning tactile truncated domes are rounded bars running transversely across the direction of travel. They are used to warn visually impaired customers of specific hazards such as stairs, ramps, at-level crossings, and more.

• Cycle Way Tactile—Cycle way tactile domes are used to help visually impaired pedestrians keep to the pedestrian side of a shared bicycle/pedestrian path or roadway.

Regardless of whether you have bought your truncated dome or tactile paving product from Rolhard Inc, or another company, we can help you install it. Our technicians have the experience and expertise to install a variety of products with precision and skill.

When you contact Rolhard Inc for truncated dome installation, you know you are receiving the best truncated dome installation Pasadena, CA has to offer. Talk to us today for a consultation.

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